About the Company

MS ProTech – Summary

MS ProTech has been established as a family company dedicated to manufacturing and business activities in engineering. Our headquarters are located on the border of Moravia and Bohemia, in the small village of Radiměř, about 60 kilometres north of Brno. We use the long experience of our employees to meet our customers’ requirements beyond their expectations. We have been creating a unique platform on the market based on the combination of our own production of machine parts, weldments, and assemblies with the provision of all the necessary additional activities so that the customer receives a completely manufactured product according to their requirements.

Our Values

We take our relationship with our employees, customers, and suppliers seriously and see it as a partnership that we can rely on. Quality, reliability, and efficiency are key concepts for us. Equally important values are trust, openness, loyalty, individuality and teamwork, diligence, and creativity – they are one of the cornerstones of cooperation for us. We place a high emphasis on communication and work in such a way that our customers feel like they are in a comfortable environment.

Our Vision

We have been building a family-run business that is a market leader in engineering in the region of Europe. We are a stable and reliable employer in the region. By deploying state-of-the-art technologies in the areas of CNC metal machining, weldment fabrication, and complete equipment assembly, we bring our customers a complex solution to meet their needs. By automating and digitizing production, we achieve exceptional efficiency and quality.

Our vision is to minimize the need for operators to be present at individual machines and to fully utilize the human potential with the right automation. Thanks to continuous investments, we have been able to keep up with the competition and implement increasingly sophisticated products. By diversifying the market and investing wisely, whether it is in our employees or in technology, we will face the future and we believe it will be successful.
Libor Štoudek – Head of Sales Department

Just as when the first employee started working, the first machine was purchased or we participated in the first trade fair were key moments for us, we are planning to take several crucial steps in the next five years. The first of these will be the construction of a new production hall, which will offer significantly greater potential for the growth of our company. Increased automation and the use of robots where possible will be the next step to be a more attractive partner in the market for customers and employees. I believe that when we look back in five years at what we have done, we will be amazed at how far we have come.
Milan Štoudek – Company Director


The Štoudek brothers founded the family business in the spring of 2016 in the small village of Radiměř. They were also the only employees at the time. Since its inception, the company has focused on custom manufacturing of a wide range of machine components and complete machine assemblies. Gradually it has gained an important position in the Czech and foreign markets, built another plant, and has grown to the current 35 employees.

„Looking back, I have to smile at the conditions we started in and how much has happened since then. At the same time, I see how much work we still have to do. After five years, we are at a point where we need to work even harder, improve our organisation and processes, help people more in their professional development, and of course, take a bigger slice of the pie that the market offers“. Milan Štoudek – Company Director

Important Milestones

Year Company events
  • Founding of the company by brothers Milan and Libor Štoudek.
  • The first realized order for a Czech customer. Entry into the German and Belgian markets
    and first orders realized.
  • Construction of the company headquarters in Radiměř. It includes facilities for CNC machining,
    welding of stainless-steel structures and assembly of single-purpose machines.
  • Expansion of the team with the first welder and inspector.
  • Acquisition of the first CNC lathe Mazak QT 300 ML.
  • Establishment of a workshop in Uherský Ostroh.
  • Significant implementation of a complete drying line for the automotive industry.
  • First time as an exhibitor at the Hannover Messe engineering fair, then at Elmia Subcontractor in Sweden.
  • Relocation from Uherský Ostroh to more suitable premises in Ostrožská Lhota.
    Investment in 2 CNC machine tools.
  • Successful implementation of a quality management system in the field of machining, locksmithing and toolmaking.
  • Obtaining a certificate according to ČSN EN ISO 9001:2016.
  • Entry into the Dutch, Swedish, Finnish and Danish markets.
  • Participation as an exhibitor at the Elmia Subcontractor engineering fair in Jönköping, Sweden.
  • Creation of a CAM workplace for programming CNC machines.
  • The company has grown to 25 employees.
  • Entering the Icelandic market, participating in the development and production of a start-up for monitoring electrical networks.
  • Establishment of a control workplace using the latest measuring equipment at the Ostrožská Lhota site.
  • Start of the company’s digitalization process, including machine monitoring and paperless production.
  • Significant investment in a Mazak CV5-500 5-axis machining centre.
  • New production facility for the Morava plant in Hluk.
  • Acquisition of 3-axis Kovosvit MAS MCV 1400 Quick.
  • Investment in 3D measuring equipment and contour gauge Mitutoyo.
  • Expansion of CNC turning capacities with DMG CTX 420 a Mazak QT 200 ML.
  • Acquisition of another 5-axis machine Mazak Variaxis C-600.
  • Production process optimized with MES and APS system.